Bachelor course Film, Theater and Media Studies Started by BBAU, Lucknow

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Bachelor course Film, Theater and Media Studies Started by BBAU, Lucknow

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Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow, is starting a four-year, Bachelor course in Film, Theater, and Media Studies this year. People who want to make a career in the film, theater, and media industries can fulfill their dreams by joining this course.

For this, applications can be made under CUET. This is the first such course in Cinema, Theater and Media Studies, which is being started by Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow, Department of Mass Communication and Journalism.

This course has been prescribed under the new education policy. Which will be able to start extensive experiments in the fields of cinema, theater, and media studies. Through this, students will understand the intricacies of journalism, along with film production, acting, and stage decoration.

Professor Govind Ji Pandey, Head of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, said

Choosing a major in film with minors in theater and Media Studies sounds like a well-rounded path for someone interested in the storytelling power of moving images and the world of performance. Here’s a breakdown of what this combination offers:

Film Major:

Core coursework will likely cover areas like film history, theory, directing, cinematography, editing, screenwriting, and film production.

You’ll gain hands-on experience in filmmaking through projects and assignments.

This major prepares you for careers in filmmaking, cinematography, editing, directing, screenwriting, and other film-related fields.

Theatre Minor:

Theatre minor courses might include acting, directing, stagecraft, set design, costume design, and theatre history.

You’ll develop skills in storytelling, performance, collaboration, and creativity.

This minor complements your film major by giving you a deeper understanding of character development, performance, and audience engagement, all of which are crucial aspects of filmmaking.

Media Studies Minor:

Media studies minor courses could explore topics like media theory, media criticism, television studies, digital media, and social media.

You’ll gain critical thinking skills to analyze the role of media in society and how it shapes narratives.

This minor complements your film major by providing a broader understanding of the media landscape and the various platforms where films are distributed and consumed.

Benefits of this Combination:

Strong foundation in storytelling: You’ll have a comprehensive understanding of storytelling techniques across different mediums—film, theatre, and various forms of media.

Diverse skillset: You’ll possess a blend of creative, technical, and analytical skills that are valuable in the film industry and beyond.

Career flexibility: This combination opens doors to a wider range of careers in film, theatre, media production, entertainment journalism, and even education.

Things to consider:

Workload: Balancing a major and two minors can be demanding. Make sure you can manage the course load effectively.

Specific interests: Explore the specific course offerings within the film, theatre, and media studies programs to ensure they align with your interests.

Overall, majoring in film with minors in theater and media studies is an excellent choice for someone passionate about film and its connection to performance and the broader media landscape.

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