Abu Bakar Al Bagdadi is dead: Donald Trump

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Abu  Bakar Al Bagdadi is dead: Donald Trump

In an important development in Syria the President of America announced that the dreaded terrorist Abu Bakar Al Bagdadi is dead. During a precise attack by the American special forces the leader of ISIS was running to escape when he found himself on a dead end of a tunnel. When he understood that he can not escape he blown himself by triggering a self destructive bomb.

The death of Abu Bakar Al Bagdadi will help the world forces to eliminate the ISIS from world map. But the problem with such organizations that after the death of Osama bin Laden it was assumed that terrorism will come to an end, but it did not happen.

In this kind of organizations you will find someone else replacing the dead leader and will be more cruel and inflict more and more injuries to the citizens of different countries. Bagdadi was one of the most cruel terrorist backed by Islamic ideology.

The credit goes to US special forces who eliminated Osama Bin Laden and now Abu Bakar Al Bagdadi. The world now can take a respite but how long it will be depends upon the next leader of the ISIS.

The President of United States will definitely get support from the US citizens who are soon going to vote for the next president. The popularity of Donald Trump which was going down will certainly improve with this news.

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