A new devise to tackle plastice pollution

A new devise to tackle plastice pollution

Pollution is a serious thret to the development of any country. Plastic is a big threat to the existance of not only human but also animals who are consumig it on the land, sea etc.


Human invented plastic for making life eaiser, it made it but at a great cost. Now we all know that single use plastic is very dangerous for our coming generations. If we will not control the use of plastic the future of our children will be dark.

Many organization are fighting against the use of plastics and they are also promoting invention to tackle the problems of plastics. The Dutch Foundation is one among many to come up with a technology to fight the plastic waste.

In future we may see user friendly technology with the help of whcih we can eliminate the plastic at the level of consumers.The world has now taken this problem and in India the prime minister has already banned single use plastic. The war against the plastic is on and hope that humans will win the war of their survival.

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