A new low in America: Journalists attacked, arrested

The protests in America took an ugly turn yesterday when the Police while handling the mob attacked and arrested journalists. In a country like America, which always criticize the countries of the third world about their so-called rough behaviour with journalists and protesters now facing the same charges.

Ali Velshi knew almost instantly what had happened when he felt a sharp pain in his leg Saturday night in Minneapolis: He’d been hit with a rubber bullet fired by police.

“As a kid growing up in Canada, it felt familiar. It felt like a puck hit me in the shin,” said the MSNBC anchor, who was covering what he described as a peaceful march of protesters. “It hit in a place that hurt.”

This kind of incident was rare in America but the things changed over a period of time and now like any other country of the world, America is also a place where constitutional rights are not guaranteed.


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