Government's big action on digital fraud: More than 3 lakh SIMs blocked, 1.4 lakh mobile numbers blocked

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Governments big action on digital fraud: More than 3 lakh SIMs blocked, 1.4 lakh mobile numbers blocked

New Delhi, 11 February. The Central Government is continuously taking steps to stop the rapidly increasing online frauds and scams in the world of technology. Meanwhile, the Central Government has taken a big step to stop financial fraud. Keeping in mind the safety of the people, the government has blocked 1.4 lakh mobile numbers. According to the official release, the numbers blocked were used in financial fraud.

Let us tell you that recently a meeting was held on cyber security in the financial services sector under the chairmanship of Financial Services Secretary Vivek Joshi. Many important issues were discussed in the meeting including onboarding of banks and financial institutions on Citizen Financial Cyber ​​Fraud Information and Management System (CFCFRMS) platform through Application Programming Interface integration.

Let us tell you that with the rapid expansion of the digital world, cases of online fraud have also increased rapidly. Hackers and scammers are adopting new methods to make people victims of fraud. In this sequence, now the government has also become strict. It was informed in the meeting that the CFCFRMS platform will be integrated with the National Cyber ​​Crime Information Portal (NCRP). A major advantage of this will be that coordination will be maintained between banks, police and financial institutions. It was also informed in the meeting that about 19,776 numbers sending with wrong intentions have been included in the blacklist. Not only this, more than 500 arrests have also been made regarding fraud.

Nowadays scammers are promoting digital fraud through calls. To stop this, about 3.08 lakh SIMs involved in fraud and scam have also been blocked by the government. According to the report, about 50 thousand fake numbers, 592 fake numbers and 2194 fake numbers have also been blocked.

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