China's leadership is a threat to World Peace.

Chinas leadership is a threat to World Peace.

The Chines government has enforced new law in Hong Kong which is widely seen by the people as vague, discriminatory and infringe the human rights of the peaceful protesters.

The Chinese government is fighting on several fronts and nobody likes them. It is visible in the response of people across the globe who are protesting for one or other reasons.

China is increasing tension with India in Galwan valley and war-like the situation is being created. They are also putting pressure on Taiwan and many other countries in and around the South China sea.

They have dispute with Japan, Australia, and America. Now the UK has also increased the list by offering jobs and citizenship to those people fleeing Hong Kong.

The problem of China is many and its leader is confused. He has not only disturbed the peace of his own people but also played a vital role in disturbing world peace.

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