Sahil married Nikki in 2020, family and friends helped in the murder: Police

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Sahil married Nikki in 2020, family and friends helped in the murder: Police

New Delhi: Another murder case like Shraddha Walkar has come to the fore in Delhi. Now new information has come out from the Crime Branch on this matter. In this case, the main accused Sahil Gehlot was interrogated for a long-time during police custody remand. After continuous questioning, he revealed that Nikki was stopping him from marrying another girl, as both (Sahil and Nikki) had already tied the knot in the year 2020. Actually, Nikki was Sahil's wife. That's why Nikki was telling Sahil not to marry any other girl.

After this, they conspired and planned to get Nikki out of the way. After which Sahil Gehlot killed Nikki Yadav and informed other co-accused about it. While the wedding program continued. All 5 co-accused in the case (father, two cousins Ashish and Naveen, and two friends Amar and Lokesh) were interrogated and arrested. At present, further investigation is going on into this matter. Earlier news is coming that along with Sahil, his family, and his friends were also involved in conspiring to kill Nikki. This disclosure has been made by quoting police sources.

Sahil and Nikki got married in October 2020 at the Arya Samaj temple in Noida. Sahil's family was unhappy with this marriage, so they wanted to remove Nikki from the way. Sahil's family fixed their relationship in December 2022 and hid from the wooden people that Sahil was already married and had married another girl in the Arya Samaj temple. According to police sources, Nikki's friend and cousin helped her to hide her body in the fridge. According to the police, Sahil had deleted his chats from both of their phones after Nikki's murder.

According to the police, Sahil Gehlot also wanted to marry Nikki Yadav, but his family was not ready for it. Sources said that his family wanted him to marry a girl of his choice. According to sources, two days after the murder, when Nikki Yadav's father could not contact her, he found Gehlot's number and contacted him. Sources said that Nikki Yadav's father spoke to her twice and inquired about his daughter. Sahil Gehlot, a resident of Mitraon village in south-west Delhi, had strangled his female companion to death and kept her body in the refrigerator of his dhaba

Earlier, 28-year-old Poonawala had allegedly strangled Shraddha Walkar to death on May 18, 2022, and kept the body in a freeze at home for about 3 weeks before disposing of it. Later, after several days, he put the pieces of the dead body in different parts of the city. Aftab and Shraddha met through a dating site, and later they started living together in a rented house. The Delhi Police registered an FIR on November 10 after receiving a complaint from Shraddha's father.

Shraddha's father told the police about Shraddha's relationship with Aftab and expressed suspicion of Aftab's involvement in her daughter's disappearance. During the investigation, it was found that Aftab and Shraddha had moved to Delhi and started living in a rented house in the Chhatarpur Pahari area. During the investigation, the police traced Aftab and arrested him. The accused are currently lodged in jail.


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