Discard rote method of learning and promote innovative and creative thinking: VP tells Schools

Discard rote method of learning and promote innovative and creative thinking: VP tells Schools

The Vice President of India, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu has said that education must lay the foundation for developing a society that is strongly grounded in ethics and moral values to ensure peace and contentment in life.

Expressing his concern over the all-round degeneration of morals and ethics in the society, Shri Naidu said that the undesirable trend had to be stopped completely and schools were best placed for bringing about such a transformation.

Delivering the 10th Foundation Lecture at SAI International School in Bhubaneswar today, the Vice President said that education must inculcate social, moral, ethical and spiritual values apart from seeking to empower the future citizens with knowledge and wisdom.

‘What is important is your attitude towards fellow citizens, other living creatures, protecting the environment and your commitment towards the larger good of the society’, he said.

Shri Naidu also stressed upon the need to inculcate a sense of volunteerism among young students. He advised the students to join organisations like NCC, NSS, Scouts & Guides to learn life skills and volunteerism.

Referring to the seven deadly social sins mentioned by Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi ji, the Vice President said that education which does not build character was one of such sin.

Saying that schools play the most crucial and foundational role in shaping the destinies of a nation, the Vice President said that schooling must lay emphasis on the overall development of the child without focusing solely on academic achievements. He opined that it was extremely crucial for youngsters to become responsible, caring and empathetic citizens of the country.

The Vice President stressed that aligning the education with the best education pedagogies, teaching methods and techniques in the world, without losing our ethical moorings was necessary to regain India’s position as Vishwa Guru.

He advised schools to keep abreast with the latest methods of pedagogy and acquaint the students about the importance of the ancient civilization, culture, traditions, heritage and history of the country. “The understanding of the history should be complete and comprehensive without any scope for bias,” he said.

Shri Naidu advised schools to discard rote method of learning and promote innovative and creative thinking. He said that students must be encouraged to develop an inquisitive and questioning mind ever eager to learn new things and come out with bright ideas.

Shri Naidu wanted schools to keep themselves abreast with the rapid developments in technology and align the skill sets of the students in accordance with 21st century job market. He also advised the schools to promote entrepreneurial spirit among the students.

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