A session SLATE is organized by university of Lucknow to provides multiple unique solutions....

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A session SLATE is organized by university of Lucknow to provides multiple unique solutions....

As the world struggled with the pandemic over the last two years, the academic world had to face the many challenges of online education. While commercial online platforms were tried out, personalized Learning Management Systems truly can address the requirements of diverse unique social and academic frameworks

The in-house copyrighted digital Learning Management System Strategic Learning Application for Transformative Education (SLATE), successfully developed by University of Lucknow that has been up and running for more than two academic sessions is uniquely tailored to the needs of the students and teachers.

It provides multiple unique solutions including:

Multiformat support

24x7 access to online education

Enrichment of offline classes

Time table management

Monitoring of student attendance

Members only access, thus limiting external obstruction

Feedback mechanism

Easy transparent standard student evaluation

It differs from the many available free as well as paid online interaction platforms being prominently used for classes during the pandemic in:

Allowing multiple parallel interactions

No limit on persons in an interaction

Sharing of files

Assessment ease

Automatic attendance

Access to registered persons only

Cost effective

The use of LMS is supported and encouraged by the state government and also bolsters the performance indices in the accreditation process as well is an integral part of NEP..

Because of the tested excellent performance of SLATE and its edge over other online platforms, University of Lucknow is extending a supporting hand to its colleges and universities by offering them the use of this platform for a nominal charge. The university will also train and provide backup to the enrolling institutions.

Aradhana Maurya

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