FDP Program on "Happiness Research Methodology" organized by University of Lucknow...

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FDP Program on Happiness Research Methodology organized by University of Lucknow...

On the second day of Faculty Development Program on "Happiness Research Methodology", organised by Psychology Department and UGC-HRDC Centre, University of Lucknow. Prof. Anil Mishra said that, "it is very simple to be happy in life but it is very difficult to be simple. We perform many things unknowingly and unconsciously.

He emphasized the importance of working mindfully. Few fundamental principles, which are frequently ignored can help us to remain happy in life like acceptance of life as it is, expressing gratitude, faith in god and conscious breathing which is the simplest form of meditation."

Dr. Anupam Sharan, Surgeon, KGMC, Lucknow told that, "proper diet, exercise and sleep hygiene is the basis of good health and happiness. People, frequently ignore such things in life. Improper sleep affects the heart, immunity and memory of the person and symptoms of depression, anxiety, obesity and other diseases are manifested." Conscious efforts can prevent this and make the person healthy and happy.

Dr. Mukul Chowdhury, Mechanical Engineer from Pune shared the findings of his multidisciplinary experimental research project findings to see the impact of imagery practice on gross motor ability of novice drivers. Imagery is a psychological activity which evokes the physical characteristics of an absent object.

This multidisciplinary research combining automobile engineering, Psychology and mental imagery, Meditation, hypnosis and pure imagery has meaningful implications for reducing the number of road accidents. Prof. Madhurima Pradhan summarised all the sessions and explained the implications of these sessions for pursuing happiness researches.

Aradhana Maurya

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