Gandhian Philosophy is the best way to protect our Environment - Read views of Mr. Ajay Pratap Tiwari

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Gandhian Philosophy is the best  way to protect our Environment - Read views of Mr. Ajay Pratap Tiwari

Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi is one of the few great men in the world whose ideas have always proved valuable in the development of human civilization.

Gandhiji has expressed his perspective not only in social and political but in all areas of human life cumulatively.

Gandhiji's social and environmental philosophy was largely premised on the edifice of every individual's needs and not to satiate anybody's greed.

At the same time, Gandhiji was acutely aware of the fact that the greater pace of demanding food in public was superseding the pace of natural resources to replenish.

This thing seems as common and naive as it is today. But this proclamation was sparse like a proclamation a century ago. Gandhiji was concerned with the possibility of destruction of the existing environmentally sensitive structure under modernism, colonialism, industrialization's conspiracy.

Today, due to human values ​​and environmental degradation, the earth and the happy life here concern about the future, and at such a time, his idea can help us to a great extent in finding a practical at the same time ethical solution. Gandhiji in the core of Indian culture saw the solution of the environment. In his view, the meaning of the environment is in a coordinated manner of air, water, mountain, river, forest, vegetation, animals, birds, etc., a considerable human-nature friendship as to contemplate. Usha's prayers, Surya-Namaskar, the praise of rivers and aarti, the worship of mountains in the form of bhudhar, the concept of the weeping of Brahmas in flora, the sense of compassion for non-human beings, etc. have been an integral part of the Indian way of life. This trend of Indian thinking is reflected purely in Gandhi's thinking.

According to Gandhiji, labor-based industry-craft was the only thing that made human beings becoming self-sufficient in terms of their necessities like food, clothing, housing, and other animals too, who were safe due to neither environmental crisis nor otherwise. There was neither a water crisis, a threat to global warming, nor the threat of the end of any animal or tree species.

Today, in the era of globalization, the field of knowledge in general and science, in particular, is increasing, as well as human beings are becoming more affluent in technology.

People have been caught in consumerism, marketism, due to which they have surrounded with all kinds of miseries. Today, due to sudden rains, an increase in temperature, spurt in rivers, fire in forests, and other problems, the root cause of humanitarian policies consumerism, marketism, we have to assimilate Gandhi's environmental thinking. A strong element of Gandhi's environmental vision is the cosmological foundation, which is confirmed by existential unity. His famous statement to us is an important guide for every moment that there are so many resources in the world that he is capable of fulfilling the needs of every human being, but it is not enough for human greed.

Ajay Pratap Tiwari.

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