LU: In this pandemic Tagore library has continued to function by organizing 'Lets Read Together' online campaign for its student....

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LU: In this pandemic Tagore library has continued to function by organizing Lets Read Together online campaign for its student....

There is no doubt that we are going through an unprecedented time. Everything has come to a standstill. To protect humanity, we need to stay inside. But in that scenario, a lot of sectors has been severely affected. One of them is education. To overcome that Tagore Library, University of Lucknow has taken some steps for the benefit of the students.

The key element in smooth running of the education in today's scenario is the Internet. Tagore Library has set up a huge E-Library of more than 9273 Online E-books, 12 Online databases, and online journals of International publishers, viz., Springer-Nature, Elsevier, Taylor & Francis, Pearson, Proquest, Ebsco, LexisNexis, SCC online and so on. Besides, Library is also providing access to e-shodhsindhu services of the Inflibnet Centre, Gandhinagar to its Users. These resources can be accessed via the IP address of the University of Lucknow within the campus and also off the campus through remote login.

The online E-resources can directly be accessed either by clicking the link 'Access E Resources of Tagore Library' located under 'Online Study materials for students' available on Homepage of the University of Lucknow or via 'Cyber Library' page located on homepage of the University of Lucknow under 'Library' hyperlink.

The Library has also extended its services to its community beyond the physical boundaries of the campus by providing them remote access facility. This facility proved a boon to users as they could follow their academic pursuit during the crisis period. Users are making full use of the remote access facility. To date, 270920 hits have been recorded as usage statistics for e-library via remote access. Requests for login credentials from users are being received continuously by the library. As of now, login credentials for more than 6000 users have been generated.

In this strange time, Tagore library has continued to function at its best for its student. In future, Tagore Library is also planning to upgrade its digital services by organizing virtual exhibitions, highlighting content on the websites and 'Lets Read Together' online campaign. It has quickly adapted to this internet age and will continue to do so for giving a next-generation education.

Aradhana Maurya

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