Lucknow University is keen on improving Green Audit Report, will help in NAAC evaluation

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Lucknow University is keen on improving Green Audit Report, will help in NAAC evaluation

Green Audit is a process of Systematic identification, quantification, recording reporting and analysis of components of environmental diversity of various establishments. It aims to analyze environmental practices within and outside of the concerned sites, which will have an impact on the eco-friendly ambience. It can create health consciousness and promote environmental awareness values and ethics.

University of Lucknow has been putting efforts to keep our environment clean since its inception. Since the past one year, the University has been at the forefront of environmental initiatives, including plantation of 26000 plants on 26th January, starting of 3 new gardens, etc. In the same series of efforts, the present Green Audit report deals with some of the major objectives such as flora and fauna documentation and suggestions to further improve it.

Total water consumption of university is 877.46 KL/Day. Quantity of Sewage waste generated via domestic activities is 790.00 KL/Day. Entire waste water is being treated by bharwara STP through Nagar Drain and no treated waste water is recycled or reused in the campus. Total number of consumed units of electricity connection by university is 5092213 nos. and 1272856 nos. by solar panels.

Solar power system of capacity 1000 KW has been installed in old campus. The entire solar power system is operated by HFM solar power limited. After installation of solar power system university saves around 5 Lakhs per month as well as reduce CO2 emission.

More than hundred species of trees are present inside the campus. Some of the trees are more than hundred years old. There are several species of herbs, shrubs and grasses which support the faunal biodiversity. More than 65 species of birds are found inside the campus such as Hornbill, Tree Pie, Owl and Owlets, Barget, Mainas, Sunbirds, Robbins etc. About 25 species of butterflies has been reported within the campus.

Green Audit report has been compiled by M/s Earth Protection Group Environmental Consultant Pvt. Ltd. (EPGEC), a leading consultant's in the field of environment, under the guidance of the Managing Director Dr. Nelesh Agarwal and Executive Director Dr. Rajeev Kanaujia and team members of University of Lucknow under the guidance of Prof. Amita Kanaujia on the direction of Vice-Chancellor University of Lucknow Prof. Alok Kumar Rai.

Aradhana Maurya

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