Lucknow University's Engineering Faculty's student Shivam Singh gets 75000 dollar funding for his startup Oregen

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Lucknow Universitys Engineering Facultys student Shivam Singh gets 75000 dollar funding for his startup Oregen

Lucknow University's Engineering faculty's student Shivam Singh and his team (Siddharth Singh and Vikash Rathor) have received 75000 dollars(technical credit) as funding for their startup 'Oregen' from Xartup Investment .

Shivam Singh, who is a student of Computer Science Engg. third year, said that students who study in tier 2 or tier 3, or average colleges have to struggle a lot to get jobs. Most students are unaware of the required skills for particular industries/ markets and today's education system and market requirements have a wide gap between them.

To reduce this gap, Shivam Singh thought of making a gamified learning app 'Oregen'. Oregen is a gamified learning experience and a new age skill development platform. It teaches you relevant skills for the modern world which help you to get the requisite tools and mindset for the right career choices. But to develop this platform, a lot of funds were needed. The team prepared a pitch deck, business plan, competitive advantage plan and financing plan for the start-up. As a student, it's difficult to make investors trust in a start-up. So, he approached more than 20 investors with the business plan. After interview rounds with many investors, a QnA and interview with Xartup Investments led to the funding offer. With the help of this, now the team is preparing a minimum viable product of their start-up and soon the start-up will be launched on playstore.

Students will be able to download the app and learn skills from leading market leaders for free which will lead to better job offers for them.

The Training and Placement Cell of FoET, Lucknow University is providing full mentorship and guidance to make the start-up Oregen a success, whether it be in the collaboration of Oregen with top industry experts or top universities and colleges or reaching out to students for customer reviews.

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