Photoshop Tutorial- Layers

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A layer is defined as one image stacked on top of another to form a complete image. They are like a separate sheet of paper arranged in a sequence to create an exceptional image. Layers allow us to work non-destructively by stacking images on top of other images without interacting and mixing the pixels of images.

Different types of Layers in Photoshop

1. Image Layer: This layer holds the photographs or any other parts of the image that we import to Photoshop.

2. Fill layer: This layer is created when we add any gradient or fill color to our Photoshop document. It also contains a masked layer. You are allowed to edit, duplicate, delete, merge fill layers. You can also blend the fill layer with other layers.

3. Adjustment layer: It is a special layer, which is created when we add any adjustments to the Photoshop document like Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, etc.

4. Smart Objects: This layer is used to store smart objects in the Photoshop document.

5. Shape layer: The shape layer allows you to draw shapes using drawing tools in Photoshop.

6. Type Layer: Using this layer you can add text to your Photoshop document. By default, it is vector-based so you can easily modify, or edit text.

7. Video Layer: This indicates that there is video on this layer.

8. 3D Layer: Photoshop is capable of importing and working with 3D objects. It also has the ability to do 3D printing.

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