University of Lucknow has started a new Women's Development Centre....

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University of Lucknow has started a new Womens Development Centre....

Inspired by the Chancellor of University of Lucknow and Her Excellency Governor of Uttar Pradesh Shrimati Anandi Ben Patel, the University of Lucknow has started a new Women's Development Centre. As per the directions of the Chancellor, the Women's Development Centre will not be running any official classes but will be responsible for inspiring girls and women of the state in the areas of education, health, self-esteem, financial independence, etc.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Alok Kumar Rai has appointed Prof. Nishi Pandey as the first Director of University of Lucknow Women's Development Centre.

The Centre will also work towards the empowerment of women in matters related to government schemes and their understanding and knowledge. Women will also be encouraged to understand and use technology so that their regular day to day life can see improvement.

Along with this, women in villages will also be included in discussions about their issues together with the Women's Development Centre, their problems will be tackled.

This Women's Development Centre will also be responsible for making women and girls aware of the various social malpractices against their gender and empower them to fight these by channeling the examples of women who have made their mark in history as well as in today's day. In this context, the University will also be adopting a village and organising regular workshops there in order to what words women's safety in these areas.

Aradhana Maurya

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