University of Lucknow is all set to implement it's for year Bachelor's Degree program

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University of Lucknow is all set to implement its for year Bachelors Degree program

In the next academic session 2021-22, University of Lucknow is all set to implement it's for year Bachelor's Degree program, complete with the changes inspired by the directives of the new National Education Policy. For the past one week , under the leadership of Vice Chancellor Prof. Alok Kumar Rai, each and every department of the university has been working towards the finalization of the new four year Bachelor's Degree syllabus. This new syllabus has a uniform 192 credits across subjects insuring one of the most important tenets of the new education policy which is inter departmental and intra departmental availability of course choices for students.

Students will also so take co-curricular courses and vocational courses during their study. In their four years of study students will have a Major 1, a Major 2, a Minor subject and a co-curricular or vocational course to study every semester. Students will study a total of 20 papers in their Major 1, 12 papers in Major 2, 4 papers in Minor and co curricular and vocational papers, as well as do internships/term paper, and minor and major projects. Each of these will carry 4 credits, and by the end of each semester a student will accumulate 24 credits in all. In the first semester students will finish two Major 1 papers, 2 Major 2 papers, 1 Minor paper and 1 co curricular course.

In the second semester instead of the co curricular cause the student shall complete a vocational course. After finishing the first year of this new bachelor's degree program, the student shall be entitled to receive a certificate if they wish to leave their studies at this point. Similarly, in the 3rd and 4th semesters, the student will complete two papers each of Major 1 and Major 2, one Minor paper each and one co curricular and one vocational course. Finishing the second year study entitles the student to receive a diploma degree.

In the third year, the student studies three Major 1 papers and two Major 2 papers each semester, and instead of a vocational or cocurricular course completes a term paper or or an internship in the 5th semester and a minor project in the 6th. Finishing the third year of study in titles a student to a bachelor's degree in their subject. The fourth year is the speciality of when you bachelor's degree program at University of Lucknow.

In the fourth year the student studies 6 papers in the 7th semester one of which is research methodology, there by preparing the student to develop a research bend of their minds. Having studied their major 1 subject and research methodology in dept in the 7th semester, the student will complete a major project all of 24 credits in the 8th semester, finishing which they shall be awarded a Bachelor Degree with Research.

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