University of Lucknow organized a training session of STAND UP AGAINST STREET HARRASEMENT....

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University of Lucknow organized a training session of STAND UP AGAINST STREET HARRASEMENT....

University of Lucknow and Breakthrough India jointly organized a training session of "Stand Up against Street Harassment''. The session was organized through online platform where students and faculty members both were present. Stand Up is an awareness and training program against street harassment developed by L'Oréal Paris in partnership with the expert Ngo Hollaback.

Head of Department, Professor Anoop Kumar Bhartiya inaugurated the session by giving a warm welcome to all the participants and guest speaker Mr. Shubham Singh Chauhan and gave a brief about the topic and then let Mr. Chauhan, trainer of Breakthrough India continued the session who also gave some basic idea about the issue with some recent examples and then shared his own experience of being a victim of it and how that inspired him to fight against street harassment.

He continued the session by displaying several videos emphasizing 5 D's methodology – to help both men and women to safely intervene if they witness or experience street harassment. In between, Mr. Chauhan kept on interacting with the participants.

The session was further continued with the speaker discussing about several reasons due to which people do not raise their voice and suffer in silence and sometimes blame themselves for the incidence which needs to change and emphasizes that how people can overcome this fear. Few important strategies to overcome the overwhelming feelings inflicted by harassment were also discussed and by the end, participants were asked about their queries. The session was concluded with warm pleasantries between Prof, Anoop Kumar Bhartiya and Mr. Shubham Singh Chauhan and a Vote of thanks was given by Ms. Amreen Khan, Research Scholar of the department.

Aradhana Maurya

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