Secretary Blinken's remarks at a Jazz Cultural Event

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Secretary Blinkens remarks at a Jazz Cultural Event

Good evening, everyone. Bonsoir, tout le monde. I really don't want to say much, because how can you follow that? What – unbelievable. I knew your reputations, but it's even more than I anticipated. That was really swinging really hard (inaudible). And I wish – I mean, I'm a guitar player, but no. (Laughter.) Too good. Thank you.

(In French.)

So just to say simply I'm so honored to be here, because more than anything else the arts, music, culture, sports brings us together. And this group, I can see it can bring anyone in the world together. Just listen to the beauty of what you did. And our friend, Dikembe, maybe you could come up and say a couple of words too, because you've done so much to bring the world together and you're doing so much right now here in DRC. (Applause.)

Thank you all. I didn't want to interrupt. I just wanted to intrude briefly. For me, this is – I mean, I've had a very good day here, but this is a great moment. Thank you. Merci and thank you so much.

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