The Tandava Controversy brings the issue of censorship on OTT platforms

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The Tandava Controversy brings the issue of censorship on OTT platforms

The controversy over some content and dialogue of the Tandava web series forced the Centre and State Governments to act fast. FIR was lodged on the Actors, Producer, Director of the web series in UP and other parts of the Country.

The series broadcast on OTT platform Amazon once again highlighted the need for censorship. The business of online entertainment is increasing very fast in India. The corona pandemic helped this growth as people prefer to see films and series in the safe environment of their homes.

This is not the first time when we hear controversy over the content of OTT platforms. Many directors have misused the liberty provided by this online platform.

The News Agency, the wire while reporting about the action of Central Government writes" Moral Policing of OTT Platforms Is Only the Latest Episode in India's Saga of Censorship".

The writer talks about having fun and personal choices but they keep silent when things happen to other religions of the world.

The cry for freedom of speech and expression comes only when the Hindu identity is questioned. Nobody dares to write anything about the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, when armed terrorists killed 12 people for publishing a cartoon of Pagambar.

We shall not cross the limit and self-regulation is the core of freedom of speech and expression. But when we breach it quite frequently for selfish goals, we bring the danger of regulation. This is what happened now. The Government is mulling to bring rules to curb the freedom of expression on OTT platforms. Both, restrictions and overuse of freedom of speech and expression is not in the interest of the public.

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