Tunisha mother casts doubt on Shezan, says, "My daughter was forced to convert to Islam"

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Tunisha mother casts doubt on Shezan, says, My daughter was forced to convert to Islam

Vinita Sharma who is Tunish Sharma's mother said that one-day Shezaan had slapped Tunisha. Mumbai: Tunisha Sharma's mother told the press that I want to thank the media and Tunisha's friends. She said that she wants everyone to be like this with her until Tunish gets justice.

Shezaan Khan had slapped her one day when Tunish saw her chats with a girl on her phone. Vinita Sharma said that Shezaan had betrayed her daughter and he was repeatedly pressurizing her to change her religion. She said that she will fight for her daughter till her last breath.

Tunisha's mother said that a day before Tunisha's death, she went to the set of Tunish and talked to Shezaan and said 'what you doing', Shezaan replied 'I can't do anything, I have to do what I want to Do'.

She told me that this is not suicide, it is something else, and my heart does not accept it. Something has happened. Why only shezaan was there when tunisha was hanging? Does he know everything? I want Sheezan to be punished, both of them broke up only after reading his phone chats with girls. She had many dreams she cannot commit suicide.

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