If you can dream it, you can film it, Film making is all about imagination: Prof. Govind ji Pandey

If you can dream it, you can film it, Film making is all about imagination: Prof. Govind ji Pandey

If you want to become a filmmaker, you must start writing. Without knowledge of the art of writing, you can not translate your imagination. Imagination requires writing skills to convert your thoughts into visuals, said, prof. Govind Ji Pandey while addressing a group of young, enthusiasts willing to qualify for FTII and SRFTII entrance examination and pursue their dreams of becoming a filmmaker.

He was addressing budding filmmakers in a seminar organized by Bachpan Education Group. Prof. Pandey said that" before and after newton many people saw the apple falling down, but nobody followed the way Newton did". Newton's inquisitive behavior put him in a category of people where the number is very less. His relentless efforts and hard work is the key to achieve success. It was he who came up with the theories of gravity and Newton's laws.

Well know filmmaker and Bollywood Cinematographer Rajesh Shah highlighted the struggle of Actors, filmmakers and asked them to prepare seriously for the exams. He further added that film is a very strong medium of communication that requires the art of storytelling. No matter how good you are in a particular department of filmmaking, if you are not able to handle your other resources properly, you will land up in huge problems.

Film making is an art but it is different from earlier art forms. Unlike poetry, Painting, etc it requires teamwork. The Director is the captain of the ship but the other members are equally important. If any of the filmmaking departments is not doing their work sincerely, problems are bound to come. Like a good manager, the Director must have good managerial skills.

The FTII and SRFTII classes are organized every Saturday and Sunday from 4 pm to 6pm. Those who are interested to participate in the learning processes may download Bachpan Education app from play store and join regular seminars on different aspects of filmmaking. This will help develop an understanding of filmmaking. The Forum also provides online internship opportunities to build your portfolio for FTII and SRFTII entrance examinations.

The schedule of the Saturday and Sunday seminar:

Date: 3 July 2021

4to 5 PM, Dr. Manash Goswami: Topic - Satyajit Ray's Cinema, particularly posters of his films.

5to 6 pm Mr. Rajesh Shah, Cinematographer, Topic: Film Making

4 July 2021 4to 5 pm Prof. Govind ji Pandey, Topic - Different Types of Shots

4 July 5to 6 pm, Mr. Rajesh Shah. Film Making Cont.

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