Government has its own limitations: Mamta Banerjee

Government has its own limitations: Mamta Banerjee

In a statement, the Chief Minister of West Bengal Ms. Mamta Banerjee expressed the limitations of the Government. After all we have our own limitations, we can not quarantine millions of people. The government has limited resources.

She said that the Government has decided to allow those who can afford self-quarantine in his or her own house. In this way, we can reduce the burden on Government Resources. But the problem with this is that if a person is critical then the house quarantine won't help a lot. Apart from this the family members may also get affected.

But the situation is such where the Government can't do much and this situation is faced when the worse of the Kovid 19 is yet to come. What will happen when things will change and America like situation occurs in Bengal.

The statement of the Chief Minister seems to be okay when you think from the perspective of a common man but it is not a wise decision for a leader to let the ship sail in the deep sea on its own.

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