Research Fellowships – MSc and PhD under AGG Project Location: (Delhi)

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Research Fellowships – MSc and PhD under AGG Project  Location: (Delhi)

Research Topics:

Genomic selection: Incorporating pedigree and G x E interactions under optimum and stress conditions

Selection indices: Applications in multi-location and multi-trait data analysis for varietal selection

G x E interaction: Analysis and optimization of testing schemes for maize breeding programs

Evaluation of Methods and Strategies for Parental Selection

Bayesian Decision theory, Optimal Candidate Selection (OCS) and Cross Selection

Parental contribution in multi-parental crosses

Regional On-Farm Trials: Improvement Using Environmental Data

Identification of environmental parameters

Multivariate, Mixed and Bayesian models for analysis

Seed production research (optimizing seed yield in commercial seed production, developing and validating fake seed detection and tracking methods)

Mechanisms of water use in drying soil conditions under different vapor pressure deficits in drought and heat stress.

Screening of IITA elite early and extra-early maize populations and local accessions from Coastal and Sahel regions of West Africa under artificial fall armyworm infestation.

Understanding of diagnosis, distribution, and diversity of ear rot pathogens of maize in eastern Africa.

Please contact the student research coordinators via email for more information.

Dr. Dan Makumbi (

Dr. Biswanath Das (

Dr. Cosmos Magorokosho (

Dr. Abebe Menkir (

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