Hate towards Good Leaders, not a great sign in a vibrant democracy

Political differences, fight for power, making strong statements against each other are common things in the war of political power in India. But these days it has crossed its limit and political parties are now behaving as if they are enemies.

This hate driven behavior is not new to Indian Politics, when Indira Gandhi became very powerful leader and started dominating the Indian Political system many leaders went on to the extent of calling her dictator etc.

But there were leaders like Atal Bihari Vajpai, who, despite the fact that he also had differences , praised her when she took the decision of Pokhran one or War against Pakistan.

Now, similar scene is visible. Narendra Modi has emerged as a very powerful leader of India and many political parties and leaders are not able to digest the growing popularity of Narendra Modi.

As leader of a nation, he takes decision and follows the democratic principals. Still the opposition is able to confuse the common man that there is something else apart from what is visible on surface. And most importantly people in great numbers believe the communication as well.

National Population Register which is kind of census study. which occurs every ten years and it happened during the rule of many government now gradually turning towards becoming another problem.


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