A peaceful LAC is a way forward for both China and India

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A peaceful LAC is a way forward for both China and India

Since the provocative action by the Chinese Army in Galwan valley, the Indo-China relationship has gone to a new low. Both the Countries are on high alert and their buildup at LAC is unprecedented. The relationship of both the Asian giants has taken a new high when the President of China visited India and Prime minister Modi gave him a grand welcome.

The relationship between both the countries was improving and this was taken as a new challenge by the world superpowers. One of the neighboring countries of India was also feeling nervous as the relationship of China -India seeing a great shift. The bilateral trade was also reaching close to one hundred billion dollars.

The Chinese companies were also investing huge amounts in Indian startups and other companies. Everything was going in the right direction but it suddenly took a u-turn. Prime minister Modi never mentioned China as a threat but the leaders of the opposition kept on pushing the ruling party for their so-called failure in handling the Galwan issue. Since BJP's core ideology is nationalism and any attack on its core ideology will hurt this party like a bullet. Congress leaders exploited the weakness of the ruling party and the BJP under the consistent attack by Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi took a very unusual stand against China.

Now both the countries have a huge buildup of the army along the LAC and every day the situation is getting worse. The leadership of both countries is in a dilemma. Xi Jinping has recently got a great status which gave him a lot of power but it increased the level of expectations also. Now he is feeling the burden of becoming one of the greatest leaders of China and it is not allowing him to lower his voice and reach to an amicable solution.

Both India and China traditionally share a long boundary but they never attacked each-other barring a single war in 1962, which was also a policy failure of the then prime minister Jawahar Lal Nehru. Chines had some internal problems and facing a huge food crisis then. And suddenly the Tibbat issue where Americans started interfering created suspicion about the role of India in the agitation.

Jawahar Lal Nehru who had already accepted Tibbat as part of China was not able to clearly communicate it to the Chinese. Than confusion led to the war and India and China's relationship was at a great low for the first time in the history of both the countries.

What I feel, currently the situation is very similar to the 1962 and the leadership of both countries should not fall in war rhetoric.It would not be wise to fight war and get destroyed in the process. The western supremacy will again be established if the Asian Giants will not act wisely. What we are required to do it to eliminate the Pakistani elements from both the establishments and stop circling each other as enemies rather act fast to difuse the tension and goahead with dialogue.

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