ANTIFA is spreading hate in America

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ANTIFA is spreading hate in America

ANTIFA is in the headlines again in America after one of its members was allegedly killed by the Policemen while questioning about the murder of a Trump Supporter. America is facing an internal violent situation after the death of the blak man George Floyd. The American society is facing the biggest threat to its internal security as the black and white divide is far more wider and apparent.

America is a developed nation and many people go to America for their dream jobs and earnings. Most of them are successful and contributing a lot in the economical development. But the diverse society of America has a layer within which has far-right activists who claim racial superiority.

This racial dominance was handled beautifully by the American Leaders in the past but the emergence of Trump as a leader of America and talking about American Supermacy has brought the racial superiority virus on the surface. Now a section of the society which claims racial superiority has got support from Trump policies and came on surface.

This created clashes between far-right activists and ANTIFA members who were in dormant condition but because of the white people's racial discrimination, they got support from some of the black Americans.

It made the situation worse and now America is in a kind of civil war situation and the forthcoming President Elections are making it worse.

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