Black Lives Matter is a Brainchild of ANTIFA which is creating unrest in USA

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Black Lives Matter is a Brainchild of ANTIFA which is creating unrest in USA

One of the leading and most vibrant democracy of the world, America, is facing a crisis that is weakening the social fabric of this beautiful country. The presidential election also adding the fule which is further deviding this already devasteted democracy. The killing of a black man by a white policeman sparked the riotes in USA, but there are many unanswered questions. The leady and those woh have recorded the incident and circulated it on social media sites could have very easily saved America had they intervened in the police action. The visuals are horrifying but the lady and others could have very eaisly intervened in the act of policmen, or a distant shout would have also helped.

She did not shout and simply recorded the event and sharing of it created a lot of problems. Had she shouted once the policman would have left the black man. What i am writing is all possible action but nothing happened. When you are witnessing such a crime you should not stand helplessly rather it was the time to save that man and America. But what happened , she remained quite and recoreded it , and letter on it was uploaded on different social media sites which turned America into a battle ground.

Who is responsible, The Government, The Police, The People of America ? I think all three, but the people of America should be blamed more for the act of violance than the Government. One shout and America Could have saved millions of ruppes damaged during recent riots

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