Delivery of Humanitarian Assistance to Tigray and Afar Regions

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Delivery of Humanitarian Assistance to Tigray and Afar Regionsसाभार सोशल मीडिया 

The United States welcomes steps by the Government of Ethiopia and regional authorities to implement a cessation of hostilities. We commend them on the delivery of humanitarian assistance over recent days to Ethiopians in the Tigray and Afar regions. Over one hundred thousand Ethiopians will receive life-saving food from the two initial convoys that have mobilized in the past three days. This is an important step toward implementing the cessation of hostilities and addressing the urgent humanitarian needs in both regions. Now, we urge all stakeholders to make every effort possible to sustain the delivery of life-saving assistance.

The United States appreciates the extraordinary efforts of humanitarian actors to enable this delivery of humanitarian assistance. Operating in difficult circumstances across Ethiopia, humanitarian actors continue to show their agility, dedication, and commitment to serving those in need. We call on all parties in conflict-affected regions to ensure the safety of humanitarian staff. The United States supports and acknowledges the positive undertakings in this regard made by the Government of Ethiopia and the regional authorities in Tigray and Afar.

We urge all parties to build upon this positive humanitarian development to take the difficult next steps to realize peace in northern Ethiopia. The United States will continue to do everything within our power to assist all Ethiopians in need throughout the country and support an inclusive political process to achieve progress toward common security and prosperity for all Ethiopians.

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