Operation Unicorn has begun in response to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II in Scotland

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Operation Unicorn has begun in response to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II in Scotland

The British government has begun "Operation Unicorn" in the wake of Queen Elizabeth II's passing in Scotland's Balmoral.In order to control events during the first 10 days between the Queen's passing and the funeral, UK officials created Operation London Bridge. In the event that the queen passed away in Scotland, they had planned Operation Unicorn. On September 8, she passed away in Balmoral, Scotland.

"The Queen passed away quietly this afternoon at Balmoral. The King and the Queen Consort will stay at Balmoral until tonight and go back to London the next day "On Thursday, the Royal Family released a statement. As part of "Operation London Bridge," BBC broadcasters dressed in all-black suits and ties just before the Palace announced the Queen's passing.

According to documents obtained by The Politico, Thursday will be referred to as "D-Day," and the days after that, up until her funeral, will be designated as "D+1" and "D+2" respectively.

One government paper states that the phrase "London bridge is down" is the code for announcing the Queen's passing. A massive security effort to control the crowds and the traffic mayhem will thereafter be launched, according to the report.

The Royal family will next make plans for the Queen's burial, according documents viewed by Politico.The first official government statement will be made by newly appointed UK Prime Minister Liz Truss ten days after Queen passed away.

In addition to the statements by the prime minister and other government officials, gun salutes will be organised at each saluting station.

The new king will then meet with Liz Truss, and King Charles will address the country via a broadcast.

A committal service will be performed at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle after the state funeral, which will take place at Westminster Abbey.

Queen Elizabeth II will thereafter be laid to rest at the King George VI Memorial Chapel of the castle.

The Queen was born at 17 Bruton Street in Mayfair, London, on April 21, 1926. She was the first child of Queen Elizabeth and The Duke and Duchess of York, who subsequently became King George VI.

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