"Should I step down as Twitter CEO?": Elon Musk polls users

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Should I step down as Twitter CEO?: Elon Musk polls users

Elon Musk has started a poll on the microblogging website asking users "Should he step down as head of Twitter?"

This social media platform has been in the headlines only after Elon Musk bought Twitter. Ever since Musk acquired the company, Twitter has been going through a transformation. Meanwhile, the news is coming that Musk has tweeted a poll asking Twitter users to decide whether he should step down as CEO or not and promised to follow up on the poll's results. Musk's tenure as Twitter CEO has been tumultuous. Twitter laid off thousands of employees and lifted account bans on several controversial personalities and organizations, including former US President Donald Trump. Musk had earlier said that he did not want to work as CEO of Twitter for a long time, which shows that he will now give the responsibility of Twitter to someone else. Musk is currently the CEO of Tesla Inc., SpaceX, The Boring Company, and the Musk Foundation. In such a situation, he was also criticized for the fact that he is ignoring other companies.

His tenure as CEO at Twitter has been controversial, beginning with a massive round of layoffs. He has also made fundamental changes to Twitter, dismantling the platform's content moderation capabilities in the name of promoting freedom of speech. Musk recently polled Twitter users asking for their opinion on restoring Donald Trump's suspended account.

However, it was not clear whether any measures were taken to prevent vote manipulation. This came after a promise to make decisions about content moderation and account restoration only through a "content moderation council with widely diverse viewpoints". However, Musk later told company employees that the proposed council would only be "advisory" and that he would still be the final arbiter of all such decisions.

It is unclear whether such a council was ever established, and in the meantime, Twitter's existing Trust and Safety Council has also been dissolved. Most recently, Musk was in the news for banning the accounts of several journalists, as well as an account that reposted public-domain information about the movements of his private jet without attribution. Musk has previously referred to himself as a "free speech absolutist".


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