Call for Papers Deadline for Cine-Excess 14: Representations as Weapons: Cult Film and the Politics of Resistance

Call for Papers Deadline for Cine-Excess 14: Representations as Weapons: Cult Film and the Politics of Resistance

For its 2020 edition, /Cine Excess/ is working in collaboration with theBlack Sands Educational Project, which seeks to educate UK based BAME

artists, filmmakers and audiences about the subversive potential that surrounds black representations in cult and marginal cinema formats. The

focus of the Black Sands project helps informs this year's conference theme: Representations as Weapons: Cult Film and the Politics of

Resistance. This theme considers the extent to which the struggle for representations by various ethnicities, genders and divergent groups is

enacted through a range of classic and contemporary cult film genres.This focus on representations as weapons will consider the complex

issues of gender and racial diversity as embodied by the cult image, whilst also exploring a range of international traditions, directors and

performers whose work can be seen as existing at the borders of cinematic excess and political struggle.

As central to this examination, we are delighted to welcome the legendary actress Pam Grier (/Jackie Brown/, /Coffy/, /Scream Blacula

Scream/) as our Guest of Honour to /Cine-Excess/ 14. In a career that has spanned more than thirty years, Pam Grier pioneered the

representation of strong African-American heroines across a range of influential films, often appearing in pulp productions that carried

prominent messages about gender and racial equality. Her body of work remains relevant to contemporary audiences, who are now even more

interested in issues of diversity portrayed in these cult narratives.Pam Grier will be joining the festival for a live streamed interview and

audience Q and A on *Friday 6^th November*, when she will also receive her /Cine-Excess/ Lifetime Achievement Award.

We therefore welcome conference submissions that deal directly with PamGrier's work as a performer and cultural icon. Further topics might also

consider the work of classic and contemporary minority and female filmmakers, alongside those performers whose works annex social

commentary with unconventional content, while issues of diaspora, disability, mental health and migration are other key topics that will

be discussed by this year's event. Proposals are now invited for papers that consider cult film case-studies within a range of differing

contexts that relate to this year's theme. However, we would particularly welcome contributions that focus on the following areas:


1. >From /Cause Célèbre/to Cultural Icon: New Readings of Pam Grier and Performativity

2. Manipulating the Mainstream: Jordan Peele and the New Politics of race Horror

3. Between Genres and Against the Grain: Female Voices in Cult and extreme Cinema

4. The Role of Race and Ethnicity in Horror Remakes

5. Representation as Weapons: Cult Cinema at Key Points of HistoricalConflict

6. Race Re-Framed: New Readings of Blaxploitation Cinema Cycles

7. Inclusion in Excess: Using the Extreme Image in Educational and pedagogic Practices

8. Classic and Contemporary Images of Black American Horror

9. >From Diversity to Deviance: The Struggle for Sexual Identity in marginal Film

10. Screening Diversity, Consent and Desire in Marginal Film and DigitalSex/Pornography

11. Coloniser, Colonised and Cult: Film Narratives and the Struggle for representation

12. Bodies as Battlegrounds: LGBTQ+ Representations and Intimacies

13. Terrifying Outsiders: Migrant Traumas and Regional Conflicts in CultFilm Narratives

14. "Gypsies", Roma and Nomads: Cult Representations of Travellers and traveler Communities

15. Dubbed but Highly Dangerous: The Political Reception of EuropeanRadical Film Texts

16. Transnational and Trash: Conflicted Notions of Nationhood in PulpCinema

17. Margins Within Margins: Black Trans-representation in Film

18. Disability, Diversity and Representation in Cult Cinema

19. Scoring the Resistance: Cult Soundtracks as Symbols of Rebellion

20. Screening Rights and the Battle for Embodiment: Trans andNon-Binary Voices on Screen

21. Split: Framing Mental Health in Exploitation Cinema

22. Framing the Forgotten: Dispossessed UK Communities on Screen**

23. Bodies as Weapons: Classic and Contemporary Case-Studies of subversive Cult Performers

24. Diverse Voices in Distribution: New Organisations and Patterns offscreen Disruption

25. Cult on Cults: Fictional Representations of Real Life MarginalCommunities

Since its inception in 2007, /Cine-Excess/ has developed a reputation as

an inclusive and safe space in which to present new work around global

cult film cultures. We welcome submissions from emerging and established

scholars, activists, film makers and community groups.

Please send a 300-word abstract and a short (one page) C.V. by *Monday

21st September 2020 *to:

Professor Xavier Mendik

Director of the /Cine-Excess/ International Film Festival

Birmingham City University

Dr Gemma Commane

Co-Director of the /Cine-Excess/ International Film Festival

Jo Delyse-Packwood

Co-Director of the /Cine-Excess/ International Film Festival

A final listing of accepted presentations will be released on *Friday

25^th September 2020*.

Delegate fees for /Cine-Excess 14 /are £50/£25 (concessions) for

attendance at the online/streamed version of the 2020 event. This

includes entrance to all conference activities, related /Cine-Excess/

screenings and industry panels. A selection of conference papers from

the event are scheduled to be published in the /Cine-Excess /e-Journal.

For further information and regular updates on the event (including

information on guests, keynotes and screenings) please visit .

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