“There is no end to explore your ingenuity. The only thing required is your zeal”

The world came crashing down before us, when we were told to remain indoors to fight with the unrecognizable fear of an invisible enemy .But; nothing is insurmountable if one is determined enough.

Allenhouse Public School, Panki branch in Kanpur gives power to ponder, potential to perform task, competency to accomplish, conviction in ability, fosters immense confidence & positivity to confront life’s challenges. We don’t impart only knowledge but it enlightens and prepares children for the VUCA world.  

During this lockdown also, teaching and learning is NOT LOCKED DOWN as our connect with the children & parents is like a river which flows overcoming impediments on its journey. Our extremely dedicated and enthused teachers gave their days and nights to work dynamically and systematically for being ready and to unlearn and learn the art of teaching through the virtual platforms.

Life works in mysterious ways. When the children wait for a whole year to enjoy the summer camp with friends, at that time they are practicing physical distancing. But we at Allenhouse, Panki branch planned a refurbished, replenished ‘Summer camp’ # *Convivial Escape –* *Blooming Sunshine 2020* for the students of classes I-VIII  as well as # *Sunny Bliss 2020* for the  preprimary wing from 26 to 30 May, 2020. To make the students more constructive in their approach, the teachers have put their effort to let not learning stop and have used the screen time creatively to promote a sense of camaraderie. 

A Facebook live session ‘ *Parent alert Session -Keep your Child Safe Online’* for the parents with the motivational speaker Mr. Abid Ansari was the prequel to the Summer Camp.

With that done, we had started off with infotainment sessions that had included Symphony(Music) to exercise children’s aural discrimination, Orange Crush(Dance) to let children be enthusiastic , Rouge (Life skills) to impart essential skills, Junior Aristotle(Mental Math) to polish mental ability, Budding Star (Story Board on Tux Pain) to reinforce imagination, Picasso Junior(Art) to support and encourage creativity, Sulekh & Magical Flair (Creative Writing English & Hindi) for evoking love towards Hindi & English languages & its writing, Mermaid’s Myth (None Fire Cooking) for cultivating respect towards culinary skills , Calisthenics(physical education) for children’s fitness & physical energy, Integral Verse(Web Page Design) for learning virtual pragmatism , Yellow Orchid(Flower Making Activity) & Silky thread(embroidery)for raising children’s artistic skills, Sun Salutation(Yoga) for physical. Mental & spiritual discipline, Escapade Chronicle(Travel diary) for building social relationships, exploring and learning new places and their cultural values.

Pre-primary children are at their tender age where they require an extra care and nurturing from the society they live in.  For them more utmost care and consciousness is required. According to Neurologists, the first five to seven years of life are a sensitive period for brain development. We as stake holder of societal reformation take utmost care of this fact. Our all e camp activities were designed according to strengthening the process of children’s brain development. Children had fun filled yet brain stimulating activities that had included several skills development. For their motor skills: Yoga, dance & craft activities were joyfully conducted, for their language skills: storytelling, & singing activity was conducted, for their reasoning & concept development: quiz was conducted. There were many other activities too specifically designed for children’s fun and developmental learning.

The grand finale had the acclaimed Dr Vimlendu Singh scholar, poet and author, interact via FB live platform on May 30, 2020 with parents and children and narrated some beautiful stories. He had also elaborated that how stories open up possibilities of children’s horizon and worldly perception. Dr Vimlendu brought delight on our parents’ faces by sharing incredible stories.

Participatory learning is always going to go the extra mile as we share the stories through the testimonials of parents on our virtual class conduct, e-camp arrangement and address by special guests.

The idea is not just engage the students, but to assist children in creating their own world through the haze with their own pace and convenience.

Edited by

Dr Richa Prakash, Principal,  Allenhouse Public School,  Panki, Kanpur


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