According to Mohan Bhagwat, "Bharatiya" and "Hindu" are the same geo-cultural identity

According to Mohan Bhagwat, Bharatiya and Hindu are the same geo-cultural identity

While claiming that there is "no particular definition of Hindu," Mohan Bhagwat, the head of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, said that "Bharatiya" (Indian) and "Hindu" are synonyms and that it (Hindu) is a "geo-cultural identity".

According to Bhagwat, India has previously lost its independence due to "forgetting" her "civilizational credo and principles."

Speaking to a crowd on Sunday in Shillong, Bhagwat said: "We have been a country from the beginning of time, but we lost our independence because we forgot our civilization's guiding principles and ideals. Our innate belief in our timeless values, which are rooted in spirituality, acts as a unifying factor among us. These tenets of this nation's ancient civilisation have been referred to as Hindutva by those living outside of it. Despite being our identity, there is no specific description of what a Hindu is. Hindu and Bharatiya are synonymous concepts. It is a fact about a geo-cultural entity ".

The RSS leader claimed that the group encourages members to give up their "individual selfish aims" while making sacrifices for the country.

People learn about these altruistic principles and their obligation to the country during the one-hour Sangh shakhas, according to Bhagwat.

"The RSS derives this practise of sacrifice from the earliest records of our nation. Our forefathers travelled to other locations and brought the same principles with them to places like Japan, Korea, Indonesia, and many other nations. Even now, we continue this custom."

Bhagwat cited the "Vaccine Maitri" and India's assistance to Sri Lanka during its economic crisis as examples of how India helped mankind in these situations.

"Our forebears accomplished marvellous things... We provided instruction in math, science, and ayurveda. We continue to aid Sri Lanka in the same way we did when it was in need of credit during the crisis. India acted. Who provided the globe with vaccinations in Covid? We did," he added.

The RSS president emphasised how the Sangh has helped with national rehabilitation efforts for years, working with people for five generations.

Bhagwat emphasised the need for India to move forward with "all-round development" and stated that the RSS's goal is to organise society for this.

"Sangh is not simply another organisation aiming to strengthen the organisation itself," he stated. "Our fundamental purpose is to make this society organised so that Bharat achieves her all-round growth."

"The focus of Sangh is on everyday practise to develop it into one's own habit. It is emphasised that these things are Rashtriyata, Swayamsevakatva, "the head of RSS stated.

Numerous educators, leaders, and representatives from the spiritual and social sectors were present in the audience. Bhagwat's two-day tour to Meghalaya, which ends today, will involve discussions with various Sangh officials and socio-cultural figures.

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