Amit Shah Cites Indira Gandhi in Response to Rahul Gandhi's UK Comments Scandal

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Amit Shah Cites Indira Gandhi in Response to Rahul Gandhis UK Comments Scandal

Amit Shah added that some causes transcend politics and that even previous prime minister Indira Gandhi had refrained from bringing up domestic politics while travelling.

Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister, stated in New Delhi that the government will move "two moves ahead" if the opposition takes "two steps forward" in resolving the present impasse in Parliament.

Speaking at the India Today Conference on Friday in Delhi, Mr. Shah added that some matters are above politics and that even the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had declined to debate national politics abroad.

"Let the two parties converse while seated before the Speaker. We will move forward two steps while they should advance two steps. Parliament will then begin to move quickly. It can't be that you just conduct a news conference and do nothing, "added he.

According to the Home Minister, a parliamentary system cannot function with just the Treasury or just the Opposition because both must communicate with one another.

"The Opposition has not yet suggested holding talks despite our initiative. So with whom will we speak? They are speaking with the press. They came up with a catchphrase advocating for speech freedom in parliament. The right of free expression is unrestricted in parliament. Nobody can prevent you from speaking, "said he.

Mr. Shah said that everyone must adhere to the rules; there can be no freestyle, and everyone must learn and comprehend the regulations.

"The debates in Parliament go in accordance with the rules," he stated. In Parliament, you are not allowed to speak as you would when driving. What can we do if they don't understand this fundamental concept? The Home Minister claimed that while there are rules that regulate how Parliament operates, those regulations were not created by the current administration.

These regulations were in place even when their grandma or father was alive. We are participating in the debate in accordance with the same rules that they were using.

"They claim that they are not being permitted to talk even if they are unaware of the regulations. This cannot be tolerated. Nobody has the right to just get up and start talking. There are regulations, and you must abide by them. These guidelines have not changed, "added he.

Mr. Shah cited two instances when Indira Gandhi visited England following the Emergency, when the Shah Commission was established, and when there were attempts to jail her.

"Some journalist had questioned her (in England) about how her country was doing. She said that we had some problems, but I don't want to discuss them right now. My nation is doing great. I'm not going to talk about my nation. I'm an Indian here "Citing Indira Gandhi, he said.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee, a former prime minister, was in the opposition, according to the home minister, and the United Nations was scheduled to hold a session on Kashmir.

According to him, a Congress-dominated administration was in charge at the time, and since there was a discussion about Kashmir, the Indian delegation was led for the first and last time by an opposition figure, Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

"There are a few political concerns with this trust. Everyone ought to observe this custom, in my opinion."

"Should we travel to other nations and accuse them of things or should we speak negatively about India in their parliaments? I think the Congress will need to respond to this "added he.

After demonstrations by members of both the ruling and opposition parties, the first week of the second half of Parliament's budget session has been entirely disrupted.

The Opposition has been calling for a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) investigation into the Adani problem, while the BJP has been seeking an apology from Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for his comments in London.

Rahul Gandhi claimed during his contacts in London that there is a "full-scale assault" on the institutions of India and that the country's democratic processes are under threat.

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