Ayodhya: Janakpur sent a gift to Ayodhya, so will the relation of Treta Yug be fresh even in Kalyug!

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Ayodhya: Janakpur sent a gift to Ayodhya, so will the relation of Treta Yug be fresh even in Kalyug!

Ayodhya: The relationship between Janak Dulari Sita's city Nepal and Lord Ram's city Ayodhya is well known from Treta Yug. Mata Janaki came to Ayodhya from Janakpur (present-day Nepal) in Treta Yug. Now in Kalyug, Shaligram stones are being brought from the city of Mata Janaki for the idol of Lord Rama. These stones will reach Ayodhya on February 2.

At the same time, Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust is considering whether the idol of Ramlala will be made from these stones or not. But, if the idol is made from these stones, then once again the relationship between Ayodhya and Janakpur will be refreshed. However, the Shaligram stones of Nepal's Gandaki river are being brought to Ayodhya by two trucks. On the way where the devotees of Ram are worshiping these stones at various places.

Nepal gave stones as a gift

Champat Rai, general secretary of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust, talked about this that stones are being brought from Kali Gandaki River of Nepal. This stone has not been bought, rather the saints of Nepal said that they want to gift this stone to Ayodhya. Told, once Janakpur had handed over Mata Janaki to Lord Shriram, now this gift is being given in the form of dowry. Also, Champat Rai told that Mahant Ram Tapeshwar Maharaj of Janaki Temple of Janakpur had requested the Government of Nepal to send this stone to Ayodhya, which was accepted by the Government of Nepal. The government picked up a stone from the Gandaki river and handed it over to the Mahant of the Janaki temple. Now the Mahant of Janaki temple will present that stone to the saints of Ayodhya.

the sculptor will decide what will happen to the stone

Trust General Secretary Champat Rai told that when the stone reaches Ayodhya and is shown to the sculptors, then only they will tell whether this stone can be carved or not. Only after that the matter will move forward. Champat Rai told that wherever these types of stones are available in India, all those stones are being procured. It is not necessary that the stone which is brought once, the idol of Ramlala should be made with the same stone

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