Cheetah's comeback has inspired new energy, according to PM Modi

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Cheetahs comeback has inspired new energy, according to PM Modi

The homecoming of the Cheetah in Madhya Pradesh a few days ago, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has given the nation fresh energy.

He continued by pointing out that India's economy is now growing quickly and that the country is continually improving its ecosystem.

"A fresh enthusiasm has returned following the homecoming of Cheetah in Madhya Pradesh a few days ago," Prime Minister Narendra Modi said while opening the National Conference of Environment Ministers in Narmada, Gujarat through video conference.

He stated that the number of leopards, one-horned rhinos, elephants, lions, and tigers in our nation has grown over time.Modi remarked, "Wetlands are expanding quickly, and our forest cover has grown. The modern India is progressing with new ideas and methods. India's economy is currently expanding quickly, and the country is continually improving its ecological."

In relation to the environment, he said that India had set a goal of having net zero emissions by 2070.

He added that the government is currently focusing on green jobs and growth. And every state's environment ministry plays a huge part in achieving all of these goals, he continued.Also in his statement, he added, "I would urge all environment ministers to support a circular economy as much as possible in the states."

This will strengthen our effort to manage solid waste and eliminate single-use plastic, according to Modi.Project Cheetah, according to the Prime Minister's Office, will improve livelihoods while simultaneously supporting the Prime Minister's commitment to environmental preservation and animal conservation.

opportunities created by ecodevelopment and ecotourism activities for the neighbourhood.The historic reintroduction of cheetahs to India is only one in a long line of actions taken over the past eight years to ensure sustainability and environmental preservation, which have yielded notable successes in these fields.At two release stations in Kuno National Park earlier on September 17, Prime Minister Modi let off of cheetahs.

At the event, the prime minister spoke with students, Cheetah Mitras, and the Cheetah Rehabilitation Management Group.In addition, he spoke to the country about this "historic moment."

According to the PMO, the Prime Minister's decision to release wild cheetahs in Kuno National Park is a part of his efforts to revitalise and diversify India's wildlife and its environment.

In India, the cheetah was deemed extinct in 1952."The cheetahs that were released were imported under an MoU that was signed earlier this year and are from Namibia. The first intercontinental big wild carnivore translocation initiative in the world, Project Cheetah, is responsible for introducing cheetahs to India "said in it.

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