Nightline has replaced popular TV show Jimmy Kimmel live

U.S. President Barack Obama talks with show host Jimmy Kimmel during a commercial break in a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live in Los Angeles March 12, 2015. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS ENTERTAINMENT)

The popular TV show Jimmy Kimmel live will be pushed back half an hour because the television channel is focusing more on chat show night line which is dealing with the issue of corona virus pandemic.
Earlier the program was hastily shutdown, now set to return again on air.
The show night line has shifted its format to focus mainly on the latest in the fast moving stories of the corona virus crisis.

There is a possibility that most of the television show may go affair because of the pandemic corona virus, most of the TV stars are now avoiding shooting of their popular programs and this will affect the production of the the programs.
Corona virus has already affected the world and more than hundred countries are almost shutdown are partially open which not only affected the social but the the economic condition of these Nations as well.


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