Will Upendra Kushwaha be out in JDU? Understand the whole strategy behind the stake call

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Will Upendra Kushwaha be out in JDU? Understand the whole strategy behind the stake call

Upendra Kushwaha, a strong leader of his own party, has opened a front against Nitish Kumar, who is engaged in the fight for Mission 2024. Talking to the media after the Republic Day celebrations, Nitish Kumar said that tweeting is not going to solve the problem. Upendra Kushwaha should come and say his words in the JDU forum. Conversation solves the problem.

How did the Upendra controversy start in JDU?

1. Upendra Kushwaha, who is continuously running side line, expressed his desire to become deputy CM in an interview, which was immediately rejected by Nitish.

2. After rejecting the proposal from Nitish Kumar, Upendra Kushwaha said that many JDU leaders are in touch with BJP. After this statement, speculation started about Kushwaha joining BJP.

Will Upendra Kushwaha be out like RCP or will he play?

After the merger of Janata Dal-United and Samata Party, many veteran leaders have been out of the party. The names of George Fernandez, Sharad Yadav, Narendra Singh, Digvijay Singh, and RCP Singh are prominent among them. Lastly, the Union Minister and former National President of JDU, RCP Singh parted ways with JDU.

JDU did not send RCP Singh to Rajya Sabha first and then handed over notice to buy more property. After receiving the notice, RCP had to leave the party. In such a situation, there is now a political discussion that what will happen to Upendra Kushwaha?

Upendra Kushwaha has already left JDU 2 times in 2007 and 2013, but this time Kushwaha has changed his strategy and instead of leaving the party directly, he is asking for the stake. He is only busy laying siege against Nitish.

Why is Upendra Kushwaha adopting the strategy of seeking stake?

1. Kushwaha does not want to be hit wicket- Upendra Kushwaha has left JDU 2 times and formed his own party, but he did not get success. The first time he left the party, he lost the 2009 election. Then came to JDU and was made Rajya Sabha MP. But in 2013 went back to opposing Nitish. This time also formed a party and tied up with BJP. He also became a minister in the Modi government but resigned in 2018 over the demand for OBC reservation in collegiums and institutions. After this, Kushwaha lost the Lok Sabha 2019 and Vidhan Sabha 2020 elections badly. In such a situation, this time Kushwaha does not want to be hit wicket.

2. In JDU himself on a big post, but not a supporter- After the merger of RLSP, Upendra Kushwaha himself came on a big post, but his supporters did not get a place. In such a situation, if Upendra Kushwaha himself leaves the party, then there is suspense on what the old supporters will do.

When Kushwaha left JDU in 2013, leaders like Arun Kumar and Madhav Kumar were with him. Which are no more.

After all, which stake are you talking about?

From the very beginning, JDU is promoting the mass base on the basis of the Luv-Kush vote bank in Bihar. After forming the government in 2005, Nitish Kumar also focused on the OBC votes.

Luv means Kurmi and Kush means Kushwaha voters. Kushwaha voters in Bihar are about 4-4.5 percent while Kurmi is 3-3.5 percent. That is, the total vote by including both is 7 percent. Kushwaha's focus is on the share of this voter. To strengthen this equation, JDU has made Upendra Kushwaha's Barksh Umesh Kushwaha stand in recent times. Umesh Kushwaha also comes from the Vaishali district and is currently the state president of JDU.


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