Protesters gone violent in Hong Kong

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Protesters gone violent in Hong Kong

The violence in Hong Kong is now a regular feature. Once known for having world's best University and education system is turning to be a place for those who are having regular clashes with representatives of Chinese Government.

Hong Kong is going through its worst time since it came in to Chines control. people mainly students of different Universities are protesting against the policies of the government. Recently they protested against the law which curtailed their democratic right.

It is obvious that those who have enjoyed democracy and the rights and duties mentioned in a democratic setup, can not tolerate authoritarian regime. Though China is technically a democracy but the authority lies in the hands of the Chines People's Party.

Sometimes we miscalculate the authoritarian systems functioning. Here an authoritarian system is in the form of a party, where the party and its workers have full control over the government functioning. No one can go against the wish of the party leader.

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