Rajasthan Congress Government in danger Zone

Rajasthan Congress Government in danger Zone

The Madhya Pradesh episode is most likely to be repeated in Rajasthan too. The Congress Government led by Gahlaut is in trouble as the SOG served a notice to its Deputy Chief minister for Conspiring against the State Government.

Sachin Pilot is a strong leader and he has the capacity to challenge BJP. But the poor decision of Congress leadership, to make Gahlaut Chief Minister, not only developed resentment in the party but others who supported Congress to form the Government were also not happy.

The senior leaders of Congress are trying to transfer power to their son's which is making young leaders like Sachin restless. Similarly in Madhya Pradesh also Digvijay and Kamalnath paved way for their sons and it affected Jyotiraditya Sindhiya and he left the party.

If Congress will not act wisely, BJP will no doubt take advantage of this situation to come back in power in Rajasthan.


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