Russia launched a Vaccine against Corona Virus

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Russia launched a Vaccine against Corona Virus

Russia is one of the several leading countries of the world racing to launch a vaccine for Coronavirus. The pandemic has killed more than seven lakhs people and around two hundred million people are infected.

Every country is forcing their scientists to make a vaccine for this pandemic which has already damaged the economy of the world. People are not only dying but the fear of Coronavirus is creating a lot of psychological problems as well.

The Russian claim is one among many where the scientist of the different countries are racing against time to discover a vaccine for this pandemic. The United Kingdom where Oxford University in collaboration with many world pharma companies have also recently claimed that their vaccine is ready for launch.

In India also we are hearing this from a long time that PM Narendra Modi may announce the launch of a vaccine on the Independence Day of India.

But many scientists are suspicious about the claims made by different countries of the world. The making of a vaccine requires a set amount of time to conduct research studies to know the impact but the Governments in many countries are relaxing the testing norms which may prove disastrous.

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