CFP: "Critical and Creative Engagements with Petro-Media" / special issue of Imaginations SUBMISSION DEADLINE: DECEMBER 10, 2020

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CFP: Critical and Creative Engagements with Petro-Media / special issue of Imaginations  SUBMISSION DEADLINE: DECEMBER 10, 2020

This special issue of Imaginations will concentrate on media engaging with petroleum and it's attendant socio-political and economic structures. Drawing on technology and media studies, energy humanities scholarship, and a range of methods in visual and cultural studies, the contributors will theorize contemporary and historical uses of media to resist and facilitate petroleum infrastructures. Building imaginations' long-standing engagement with petro cultures scholarship, including their 2012 special issue "Sighting Oil" (Sheena Wilson and Andrew Pendakis, eds.), this issue will mobilize critiques of corporate petro-media with decolonial methods from a range of disciplines, focusing on the interlacing of oil, settler colonialism, Indigenousresurgence, and media production. The issue will consist of peer-reviewed essays from scholars and practitioners, artist interviews and contributions (including samples of multimedia work with accompanying artists statements), and a review section (including comparative book review essay, curatorial reviews, and responses to digital exhibitions in the age of COVID-19, etc.). We are particularly invested in featuring research-creation and media-rich scholarship.

We invite submissions that take up different facets of media production by Indigenous, immigrant, and settler artists, activists, and corporate representatives to examine the complex entanglements of cultural production, settler colonialism, and fossil fuel extraction. Given our location on occupied Indigenous territories where we work as researchers and educators, we assert that energy developments are always already implicated within histories of colonialism and white settlement in NorthAmerica. Critically, we invite contributions that include and foreground visual media in their analyses, featuring original videos, archival photographs and film stills, and photographs of authors' art installations.

All submissions must be sent to imaginations@ualberta.caand copied to mrln@yorku.caand Please include a separate sheet with short biographical and contact information. Media can be emailed as an attachment or accessible by hyperlink.The Imaginations Journal style sheet is accessible here


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