IAMCR call for Audiovisual Work at Nairobi online 2021 conference

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IAMCR call for Audiovisual Work at Nairobi online 2021 conference

With this call, IAMCR aims to stimulate the use of a broader range of modes for the communication of academic knowledge, complementing conference papers, and oral presentations with audio and/or visual work.In particular, we seek podcasts and videos that integrate academic and aesthetic dimensions, and that use sound and/or image creatively to communicate academic knowledge. This implies that we will not select audio/visual work that merely consists of recorded lectures. We call for audio/visual work with a maximum duration of 30 minutes, but shorter contributions are also welcomed.

Proposals for presentation of audio/visual work will consist out of two documents, namely an abstract and a (basic) script. The abstract describes the research communicated by the audio/visual work (its research question, theoretical framework, methodology, research design and corpus, …), while the script provides a chronological description of the form of the audio/visual work. Each document has a maximum length of

500 words. Submissions of proposals for audio/visual work will follow

the regular time table for submitting proposals to the IAMCR conference. This means that abstracts must be submitted before 9 February 2021 ात 23.59 UTC.

The combined abstract and script should be submitted at


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