Shiv Sena to sit in opposition

Shiv Sena to sit in opposition

Everything is fare in politics. Once the allies of NDA, Shiv sena is all set to sit in the opposition benches in Rajya Sabha. The long term friendship came to an end when Shiv Sena demanded Chief minister ship in Maharashtra.

After a series of allegations and counter allegations now both the parties have settled with their respective partners.

BJP did not get any support from NCP or Congress as it is the main party against whom both of them fighting at center and state level.

But it was quite unbelievable that politician chose a hardliner over another.

Shiv sena is know for its anti mushlim and anti Pakistan stand , now Congress will be in a fix when something related with both the issues they will encounter in future.

It seems that Shivsena has now changed its line and the new generation leaders like Aditya Thakre brought the soft Hindutva policy in the party.

They have realized that they will never become a dominating partner if they keep on fighting elections with BJP, because it has same ideology with a bigger market.

The coming election will be challenging for all the parties because nobody would like to slip away the grip on an economically rich state like Maharashtra.

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