Manager burned alive in SS-tower fire in Lucknow: 5 batteries are ignited; 17 are saved by shattering glass

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Manager burned alive in SS-tower fire in Lucknow: 5 batteries are ignited; 17 are saved by shattering glass

A massive fire broke out at the three-storey SS Complex in Lucknow on Tuesday evening. A youth was burnt alive in the accident. While 17 people have been rescued. There is a battery shop for e-rickshaws in the ground floor of the building. The battery was also kept in the charging center. After the fire, four-five batteries exploded one after the other with loud explosions.

The whole area was shaken by the explosion. The toxic fumes filled the gym on the second floor, causing breathlessness for the exercisers. On information, police and fire brigade personnel reached the spot. Broke the glass of the building and pulled out 17 people trapped in the gym by using stairs from the side. The rescue operation went on for about an hour.

The building was built against the standard

Initial investigation revealed that the building did not have a fire NOC. Along with this, the building was constructed against the standard. Due to no other way out, the lives of the people trapped in the fire were at risk. At the same time, the fire brigade personnel also had to face a lot of difficulties in extinguishing the fire.

Shop manager could not get out, burnt to death

Ashwani Pandey (35), the manager inside the shop, could not get out. Due to which he died by burning. At the same time, around 17 people present in the gym also got trapped. On information, police force and fire brigade personnel reached the spot. The fire could be brought under control after about an hour's struggle.

many flaws in the building

It has come to light that the SS tower was built illegally. There was no other way to get out of there. The LDA and administrative officials found several deficiencies during the inspection. The engineers of LDA told that no setback has been found in the building. Will check the map.

Officers could not find the file of the complex

According to sources, the LDA officials who came into action after the incident started searching the building's file in the night itself, but did not get success. LDA engineers said that if the complex would have been built after getting the residential map passed, the building would have been demolished. Because no concession is given if the construction is contrary to the land use. At present, action will be taken only after investigation.

Fire hazard due to short circuit

Chief Fire Officer Mangesh Kumar said that in the initial investigation, the reason for the fire is being told as a short circuit. the matter is being investigated. After investigation, it will be clear how the fire started. Appropriate action will be taken after investigation.

Fire broke out in this tower earlier also, administration did not alert

The four-storey SS Tower near Badshah Nagar station has caught fire earlier also. Nearby shopkeepers gave this information to the police. The petrol pump employee located near the complex told that the charging station had caught fire earlier also.

DM ordered to investigate the matter

DM Suryapal Gangwar has ordered an inquiry into the fire incident. He asked the people present at the spot about the accident. He asked ADM Finance Himanshu Gupta to investigate the death of an employee. Further action will be taken on the basis of its investigation report.


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