The murder of Hindu leader Kamlesh Tiwari will affect Islam in India

The murder of Hindu leader Kamlesh Tiwari will affect Islam in India

The gruesome murder of Kamlesh Tiwar, the Hindu leader will start a new hate wave in India against Islam and Islami Scholars. The Hindus are a peace loving community and never been involved in any kind of hate crime in the world.

The history of Hinduism is also full of instances which talk about world peace and harmony. But the killing of Hindu leader and the conspiracy behind it creating a hate wave in not only Hindi and Hindu mainland but all across the world.

The terror and terrorist organizations who are funded by the Islamic state of Pakistan is the main force behind the radical mindset of the Mushlim population. The radicalism among Muslim community is a warning signs for the Indian Government.

The rise of Muslim radical elements in India is a direct threat to its integrity and security. No matter what we say and talk about all these activities if we fail to take timely and tough action against the radical element of Muslim community , they will inflict great injury to our democratic setup.

Before the Hindu sentiments go on boil the government must show some signs of concrete action otherwise the situation may get worsen in the coming days. A war is already on many social media platforms.

Many people are directly started abusing Prophet, which is not the right decision. We can not condemn the god for mans act. But the sentiments in Hindu community is very strong, and the governments are not visibly taking any concrete steps to reduce the tension, right now on the social media platforms.

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