Inception - 2010

This film is a masterpiece by Nolan and produced by his wife Emma. Leonardo DiCaprio is a professional thief who steals information from others by infiltrating the subconscious of his targets.

Interstellar -2014

When Earth is not uninhabitable a search started by a team of scientists to find a new place for human. Science fiction is a masterpiece by Nolan.

Dunkirk - 2017

A film about the survival of soldiers trapped in Dunkirk where the second world war battle is in full swing. Germans are making the life of British, French soldiers hell.

Insomnia -2002

Christopher Nolan is a master of creating psychological suspense thrillers which created a lot of theoretical debat in film studies. The Murder of a teenage girl and the chase by a police detective make this film a thriller where you will not miss a single shot. The main suspect plays a psychological game of cat and mouse with detective.

Tenet 2020

Christopher Nolan once again shows his class and creates a story of stopping world war three. You will be engrossed in the storytelling of Nolan once you start seeing this film. A secret agent, a time-bending mission, danger everywhere, and an impossible job to achieve.