Will he be the next Ranu Mandal ?

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Will he be the next Ranu Mandal ?

Another story, a heart touching one, another common man on the verge of becoming hero. This story of Shashibhushan is quite similar to Ranu Mandal who was spotted by people and social media made her singing sensation.


Shashibhushan, a JNU student who is not only visually impaired but also lost his father and mother is a housewife. He is in JNU and his dream is to become independent so that he can manage his day to day expenditure.

Not only JNU, other universities of India has many similar stories of success but the irony is the stories are not getting the kind of attention Shashibhushan is getting in media.

Good that media is highlighting the cases of Ranu and Shashibhushan but the heroes of small town are also waiting for their turn to see them on the big screen. The media has portrayed Shashibhushan in such a way as if he is the only sufferer/victim on the earth facing the music of life.

Look around, you will find many people fighting their war , worse than the heroes mentioned above without a word of criticism and damaging the property of common people of India.

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