Work from home is a new mantra of the modern world

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Work from home is a new mantra of the modern world

The global pandemic COVID-19 has changed the way we were planning and doing our work. Now the homes are fast converting our offices. This is a forced move but helping our environment a lot.

Delhi's Pollution level is at all time low and most of the cities in India have witnessed similar statistics on the environmental front. If we can change the environment of our country by simply staying at home, then why can't we devise a system of learning from home.

In India, every morning , six days school for children is not a necessity. We can keep four days per week school from kindergarten to class eighth students. In this way we can save the time of the children and will be able to provide them much needed time for sports.

The problem with present generation aged between 4 to 12, is the physical stamina. They are not as powerful if compared with the children of there age of two -three decades back.

Not only primary education, higher education must also follow the five days in a week pattern. Sixth day shall be for sports and community service. In this way we can involve the youth for the community work and support our government in different initiatives.

Corona is a deadly virus and its impact is visible across the world but we are a nation of more than a billion population who stood tall during difficult time in the past. We shall fight the pandemic together and win over it, this must be our collective mantra.

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